The new way of reading with adventure.

Suppose you or your child have ever struggled to get into reading. Quest Reader is an app that brings a new experience to reading. Reward your reading by going on grand quests and earn items with your own custom character.


Quest Reader has a huge selection of quests and items
to reward our diligent reader.

Chapter one

The Reading experience in our app is very different from any other app. Based on the number of pages you read, your character will complete tasks associated with the quest. Watch as your character navigates through our beautifully illustrated environments, makes friends, finds hidden treasures and more.

Chapter two

The Quest system provides you with so many unique adventures for you and your character to explore together. Choose the perfect quest for you and find items and earn gold that you can spend to customize your character. So will you explore the crystals cavern, defeat the demon king, or have a picnic in the Ebony Mouse Wood? What is your quest?

Chapter three

Select Books from Amazon’s Kindle library, google books, or our collection of books. Quest Reading makes sure that you find the book that you are looking for. We have a granting system for parents, so your child has permission to purchase a certain number of books, and you know they aren’t overspending.

Chapter four

Our items and rewards are hand-drawn by our team at Quest Reader. Choose from hundreds of different items using the gold you earned from reading to customize your character. Dress up your character or purchase items that will help you along your quest; the goal is to reward the diligent readers.

Don't worry parents,  you’re a part of this adventure.

Quest Reader has the parent in mind. Sign up with your child and experience the adventure together by receiving updates on their progress. Also, permit them to purchase a set number of books and maybe even recommend them books.

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